Conditions For Use

1) All contents of the website; texts, graphs, logos, illustrations, photographs, figures, technical and scientific drawings, audio clips, animations, videos and musical recordings, software, software codes; outlook, design, system and technical elements; all of the content compilations of the site, on collection, arrangement and assembly basis; industrial designs, including any works involving any rights emerging from the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, including but not limited to and in relation to the above, are solely owned by Timak-Hidrolik ve Mekanik Makina İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (to be called “Timak” hereafter), and with the condition of keeping Timak’s all rights reserved, are under the protection of primarily the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846, and all Albanian Republic legislations, international copyrights and brand laws and international agreements that are currently available or will be taken into force in the future. The use, citation, copying, duplication, alteration, storage, installation on another computer, mailing, distribution, transmittal, re-publication, display, adaptation, processing, representation, holding for commercial purposes, selling of the above listed elements of the site contents, in part or in full, directly or indirectly, without Timak’s written consent, or participation in the above listed actions, or facilitation of such actions are strictly prohibited. The printer outputs of the website pages may be obtained for personal use.

2) Timak declares that any prices, information, pictures, standards, optional, explanations, news and recommended prices for the Timak brand construction machines and appliances included in the website are solely for promotion and information purposes and that such information are the information that were valid as of the date of the latest update of the website, that such prices do not constitute a sales proposal, and that the information provided in the website do not constitute any warranties and/or undertakings. The site user accepts that he will not claim any damages, under any name whatsoever, from Timak declaring in any way that the information provided in the website is not accurate and/or he has incurred damages, directly or indirectly, pursuant to such information. Timak reserves the right to amend, delete or cancel any rules and information related to the website, without prior notice. The obligation to monitor such changes is on the site user and he is recommended to contact Timak for the supply of current information from the telephone number (312) 267 1260 and e-mail address.

3) Timak has taken all measures, within all reasonably available means, to ensure that the website is free from viruses and virus type software. The user is obliged to provide his own virus protection system, in order to ensure his final security. Within this context, the user agrees that he is solely responsible for all errors that may occur in his own software and operating system, due to accessing the Timak website, without the right of reverting to Timak for direct or indirect consequences of such errors.

4) Timak does not assume any liabilities on the accuracy of the characteristics and other information related to the 2nd hand appliances, listed and sold through the “Second Hand” section under the ‘Services’ title of our website. Moreover, such information does not constitute any warranties and/or undertakings under any name whatsoever.

5) In case the user, upon visiting the website, provides the information requested by Timak through the “customer relations form” in the contact section of the website, Timak may collect the personal information of the user directly or indirectly. Timak agrees to keep the personal information provided by the correspondence form in the website and not to transfer such to third parties. Timak shall use such information, in order to respond to the demands of the users who have completed this form, to inform its users on Timak products and reach the users. In addition, Timak may transfer such information to the other international company groups and authorized dealers within its organization, in line with the same purposes. In case information is demanded through public authorities from Timak for purposes of investigations aimed for the user and/or in case it is determined by Timak that the user is involved in an electronic sabotage or attack that may prevent and/or alter the operation of the Timak systems, Timak reserves the right to supply the user’s identity data to the investigating and legal authorities.

6) “Website conditions for use” arranges the provisions related to the supply of the information and services provided by Timak to its users. Each user who has accessed the Timak website or completed the forms on the website shall be assumed to have read and accepted the information explained by the provisions included in the “Conditions for Use”.

7) In disputes that may arise between Timak and the website users, Timak’s electronic records shall be accepted as evidence. For the resolution of any disputes that may arise between the parties, the Courts and Execution Offices of Tirana shall be authorized and the laws of the Albanian Republic shall govern.

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