Recently, we had the honor of hosting Prime Minister Edi Rama at our state-of-the-art warehouse, where he witnessed firsthand the exceptional work that goes into crafting our world-class vehicles. The Prime Minister's visit not only affirmed our status as the sole producer of emergency vehicles in the country but also highlighted our commitment to empowering women and embracing gender equality in the industry.

As Prime Minister Edi Rama toured our facilities, he marveled at our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our unwavering dedication to producing high-quality emergency vehicles has positioned us as the preferred choice for emergency services in Albania. In fact, one in every two ambulances in the country bears the proud mark of TIMAK. This significant achievement not only showcases our expertise but also emphasizes our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the Albanian people.

During his visit, the Prime Minister was particularly impressed by the predominant presence of women in our offices, where they contribute their immense talent and skills to various roles. At TIMAK, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for fostering innovation and achieving true excellence. We have deliberately created an environment that empowers women, breaking traditional gender norms in the automotive industry. By embracing female leadership and encouraging their active involvement in the production stage, we are setting new industry standards and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister commended our commitment to providing internship opportunities to students from professional schools and universities. Notably, he observed that the majority of these interns were young women, further solidifying our dedication to nurturing talent and bridging the gender gap in our sector. By offering hands-on experience and guidance to aspiring professionals, we are not only shaping the future of the industry but also empowering the next generation of female leaders. Our internship program reflects our belief in the transformative power of education and our commitment to supporting the growth and development of our community.

Prime Minister Edi Rama's visit was a testament to his satisfaction with the remarkable work we do at TIMAK. His recognition of our status as the only company producing emergency vehicles in Albania reaffirms our dedication to delivering excellence and raising the bar within our industry. We are honored to have earned his seal of approval, and it motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

At TIMAK, we take great pride in being at the forefront of Albania's emergency vehicle manufacturing industry. Our commitment to gender equality, as evidenced by the remarkable number of women working in our offices and actively participating in the production process, showcases our unwavering belief in the power of diversity. We are determined to challenge societal norms and inspire others to embrace inclusivity, ultimately fostering a more progressive and prosperous automotive industry.

As we reflect on the Prime Minister's visit, we are humbled by the recognition of our accomplishments and the impact we have made thus far. We remain dedicated to our mission of delivering exceptional emergency vehicles while creating opportunities for women and shaping the future of the industry. Together, with the support of our talented workforce, we will continue to revolutionize the automotive landscape in Albania and beyond.

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