The inclusion of women in business brings not only gender equality and economic growth, increased care and attention to human initiatives but also an improvement in the country's image.

In recent years, Albania is trying to bridge the gap of women leaders in entrepreneurship.

One of the most interesting stories is the story of Arjeta Puca, the Albanian entrepreneur, who in 2016 founded the company TIMAK in a relatively male-dominated sector, that of the production of machinery for first aid in health or disasters and natural complications - including machinery for ambulances, fire trucks, water tanks, street sweepers, cleaning trucks, etc.

And when you talk about such an industry already represented by a woman, the mind goes to courage, and for more curiosity leads to her wisdom and skills.

From Emigrants to Turkey to Entrepreneurs in Albania

In 1991, when Arjeta was 4 years old, her family emigrated to Turkey. In 2006, the family opened a small shop to repair superstructures.

She studied Computer Engineering at the University and also worked part-time in the family shop, which later became the company. After graduation, Arjeta worked in the Research and Development department at Bosch Germany and Bosch Japan. 4 years ago, she decided to move to Albania and start entirely from scratch her company, TIMAK.

Currently one in two ambulances operating in Albania are a product of her company. TIMAK aims to distribute its products "Made in Albania" not only in Albania, but also beyond Macedonia, Kosovo, Libya, Chile.

Arjeta's vision is to build a sustainable Albanian business that will grow and have a dominant presence throughout Europe and later around the world, a company that will affect the reputation of Albanian industry by enhancing the image of Albanian goods in these markets.

A creative initiative to connect children with books

The most special initiative of this company recently has been the creation of a mobile library. Two cars have been converted into mobile libraries, to travel to children in every area of ​​Albania.

TIMAK produces every dedicated material, this has also happened in the case of the mobile library where all the design and interior clothing are dedicated to the comfort and entertainment of children. These libraries will make the rounds of Albania, as they are now among the children in Dibër and Shkodër. The company produces every material in Albania in the workshop near Tirana, strengthening the local market with the production of special vehicles.

Support for the empowerment of Albanian women in their careers

The successful initiative of Arjeta, a computer engineer by profession, is supported by one of the programs that promotes women-led private investment.

CATALYZE Women’s Economic Empowerment, funded by USAID and implemented by Palladium, aims to empower women in their careers and narrow the gender financial gap. The purpose of this program is to support enterprises and their sustainability in the market by offering you more ease in financing and its efficient use.

The possibilities of involvement in this program are not limited, as in the case of TIMAK where the industry of manufacturing ambulances or other equipment for specific service vehicles is unusual in our country.

In support of this program, the consulting company Creative Business Solutions, USAID partner for 8 years, provides free technical assistance and advice to all women-led or owned enterprises.

Entrepreneurship Advisors at CBS have assisted TIMAK but are continuing to collaborate with other entrepreneurs by providing access to finance to expand and develop as new success stories in the Albanian market and beyond.

Source: Agroweb

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