Entrepreneur Arjeta Puca, who produces cars in her factory in Albania and has been selected by the UN to produce 500 ambulances that will be donated to Ukraine, was the guest of Prime Minister Edi Rama on the 'Flasim' podcast.

Puca produces cars on the outskirts of Tirana and its cars go to the wounded of the war in Ukraine, for the hospital emergency or the Albanian National Emergency, for the Armed Forces and the fire brigade.

'Today's character is Arjeta Puca.  A person with an extraordinary complexity, but let me say it right from the beginning before we enter the world of the character, she is the Albanian girl who, together with other girls even smaller than her, produces cars,' said Prime Minister Rama.

During the interview with Prime Minister Rama, Puca said that she left at the age of 4 with her family for Turkey in 1991, and that she returned to Albania at the age of 30 precisely to develop her dream.

Describing herself as an Albanian girl who loves her country, Arjeta says that when she came back, everyone asked her why she came back.

'I was told many times when I first came to Albania: all the people will say that it cannot be done. And I took it as a joke, and yes, the first day I went to the notary, opened the company, he told me "Well done, but it won't work" and I was surprised, it really seemed like a joke. Here it was more this part, they kept asking me why you came back, there is no way to go. And when they heard that I was also in Germany, "Why didn't you do your papers in Germany, but came to Albania?" I used to say "I have a company here, you tell me to go to Germany and work as an employee, I don't understand the logic". Constantly these questions and I was really surprised. There were some questions that preferred to have your own company, to be in your country, but to go and work in Germany for example. They seemed very strange to me.'- said Puca.

Puca said, among other things, that Albania can produce its own tools,

‘We have no reason not to do it, and those who have done it, did not have any great science because normally when you think about the production of tools, it is a certain combination of engines, pistons and all together. It takes a good job and then it can be achieved very easily.’'- said Puca.

Prime Minister Rama said that he will be 100% available.

'It would be a great honor if you would sign me up in your company as a porter, free of charge. That is, all the girls in a row and at the end the porter, Edi Rama. To carry the weight of the support and to push forward that Arjeta, I don't know why I imagined it red, I imagined it red as a ''New Generation of Ferrari from the Balkans'' - said Rama.

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